Sunrise Manor, NV - Hwy 592/Flamingo Rd Site of Truck Accident, Injuries at Nellis Blvd

Sunrise Manor, NV – Hwy 592/Flamingo Rd Site of Truck Accident, Injuries at Nellis Blvd

Sunrise Manor, NV (June 29, 2022) – The Sunrise Manor Police Department responded to a tractor-trailer accident on June 29 that resulted in at least one person being hurt.

A collision on Flamingo Route/Highway 592 near Nellis Boulevard at 10:30 p.m. resulted in the closure of the whole road. The event caused a traffic jam that lasted more than an hour while paramedics and emergency medical services units from Sunrise Manor were sent to the site to examine the victims’ injuries. The origin of the collision and the kind of injuries suffered have remained unknown, according to the SMPD and other on-site first responders.

Although the official investigation into the reason for the traffic accident that occurred today is still ongoing, no new information has surfaced.

We hope that everyone hurt in today’s incident makes a full recovery.

Accidents Involving Commercial Trucks in Sunrise Manor

Sunrise Manor, NV - Hwy 592/Flamingo Rd Site of Truck Accident, Injuries at Nellis BlvdIn the Las Vegas metropolitan region, incidents involving tractor-trailers and other large, heavy vehicles are happening more often. As a result, in the previous year, the Nevada Department of Transportation received close to 49,000 complaints of similar accidents. Ten percent of all traffic-related deaths in the state last year were caused by trucks.

Nevada has a high risk of accidents involving heavy vehicles due to its wide, expansive system of multi-lane interstates and major thoroughfares. This terrible trend in Nevada’s traffic, which resulted in over 4,600 fatalities, shows that tractor-trailer accidents are all too prevalent in the state and are on the increase each year. Numerous important Nevada roadways are impacted by this issue, including US Route 93, which serves Carson City and the surrounding area, Interstate 15, which serves Reno and the surrounding area, and Highway 95, which passes through Las Vegas.

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