Truck Accident Attorney Las Vegas, NV

Truck Accident Attorney in Las Vegas, NevadaWhether it’s on the highways or on pedestrian roads. Commercial trucks are a common sight on the road as they transport the goods necessary to maintain our quality of life. But every now and then, these special vehicles are the cause of a truck accident and you’ll quickly find that the way you’ll need to handle the case will be slightly different from that your average auto accident. That’s where you’ll need to find a good truck accident attorney in Las Vegas, NV and the Eric Roy Law Firm can assist you with such cases that require a unique approach.

Trucking accidents can result from the mismanagement of the following, which if you want to properly address any of these issues, a truck accident attorney in Las Vegas is your best discourse:

What To Argue

All personal injury cases involve negligence and in order to win your case you need to prove that the truck driver and his employers (other related parties if necessary) are liable for the cause of the accident. A truck accident attorney in Las Vegas, Nevada will investigate all potential evidence from maintenance and work hour records to delivery orders. The driver’s background and the accident scene itself are also investigated.

Negligence is the keyword here, whether careless or intentional. A careless form of negligence in this case could be where in the maintenance of the commercial vehicle, the company orders a part that appeared perfectly functional and optimal for use, but was ultimately found to be a defective part. In that case the lawsuit would extend to the manufacturer of the part for sending a defective part. An intentional form of negligence would be knowingly overworking the driver to make sure deadlines are met or knowingly overloading the commercial vehicle with too much product that it exceeds the legally allowable weight for the truck.

Both forms of negligence endanger other motorists regardless of their intention and makes the truck driver and company liable for the accident they caused.

Who To Talk To

After the event of any truck accident, while police and other investigators while take their own pictures, do take your own photos of the accident if you are physically able, then immediately seek medical attention and gather the medical records of your attempts at recovery. Then seek out a truck accident attorney in Las Vegas, Nevada. Eric Roy Law Firm specializes in all types of auto accidents including car, motorcycle, and truck accidents. We’re experienced in handling each case type individually, recognizing and addressing the unique points of a case involving each vehicle type, especially trucks. Call Eric Roy Law Firm today at 702-423-3333 and get started with your free consultation!

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