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Truck Accident Attorney in Las Vegas, Nevada

Our truck accident attorney Las Vegas, NV residents trust knows that whether it’s on the highways or on pedestrian roads, commercial trucks are a common sight on the road as they transport the goods necessary to maintain our quality of life. But every now and then, these special vehicles are the cause of a truck accident and you’ll quickly find that the way you’ll need to handle the case will be slightly different from that of your average auto accident. That’s where you’ll need to find a good truck accident attorney in Las Vegas, NV and the Eric Roy Law Firm can assist you with such cases that require a unique approach.

Trucking accidents can result from the mismanagement of the following, which if you want to properly address any of these issues, an attorney in Las Vegas is your best discourse:

What Not To Do After a Truck Accident

As the victim of a truck accident, you might firmly believe that compensation is deserved. While this may be true, until you have received a settlement or award, it is possible that a mistake could be made; thereby, affect the outcome of your case. To avoid a situation like this, it is highly recommended that you retain an attorney.

As our firm might explain to you, some mistakes can be corrected. However, some might be so severe, that your case could be affected for good. We know of many cases that were impacted because of the actions, or lack of, on the part of the victim. Sure, mistakes are certainly possible; albeit inevitable. When they do happen, giving up, getting angry, or feeling regrettable is never worth it. In fact, having a truck accident lawyer on your side from the very beginning can make a big difference.

Errors and Mistakes to Avoid Making:

Do Not Try to Be Your Own Lawyer

You might know your rights, and even have a decent knowledge about the legal system. Perhaps you studied law, or read a lot. This does not mean you should be your own lawyer. Even lawyers hire other lawyers to defend them. Before you go the route of fighting your own case, talk with lawyer, Eric Roy, to find out the benefits of having a lawyer on your side.

Don’t Send the Defendant Your Bills

It is certainly possible for the defense to ask you to send them your bills. This is not recommended as it can help their own case. You may be asked to send bills to your lawyer, and this is okay to ensure all losses are accounted for.

Don’t Wait Until the Last Minute to Hire a Lawyer

Some people will make excuses on why they don’t need an attorney. This results in waiting until the last minute when they change their mind. You lose nothing when you consult an attorney for a case review. The sooner you do so, the better.

Avoid Trusting the Defense

The defense is never on your side. The insurance company may very well tell you what you want to hear with the intention of outwitting you. Their tactics can be clever, and if you fall for them, your case could be significantly impacted. Regardless of what they are saying, you should only let your lawyer maintain communications with them.

Call a Lawyer First

The above mistakes are not the only ones that you could make. If you don’t know what to expect, have questions about what you should and should not do, or would like to discuss your options, please call the Eric Roy Law Firm as soon as possible. 

We will be happy to talk about your rights and interests, as well as your case, and the benefits of retaining an attorney.

What to Argue

All personal injury cases involve negligence and in order to win your case, you need to prove that the truck driver and his employers (other related parties if necessary) are liable for the cause of the accident. An attorney will investigate all potential evidence from maintenance and work hour records to delivery orders. The driver’s background and the accident scene itself are also investigated.

Negligence is the keyword here, whether careless or intentional. A careless form of negligence, in this case, could be wherein the maintenance of the commercial vehicle, the company orders a part that appeared perfectly functional and optimal for use but was ultimately found to be a defective part. In that case, the lawsuit would extend to the manufacturer of the part for sending a defective part. An intentional form of negligence would be knowingly overworking the driver to make sure deadlines are met or knowingly overloading the commercial vehicle with too much product that exceeds the legally allowable weight for the truck.

Both forms of negligence endanger other motorists regardless of their intention and make the truck driver and company liable for the accident they caused.

Getting the Help You Need Now

Being the victim of a truck accident can mean you are stuck in the hospital trying to recover from serious, even life-threatening injuries. Unlike a car accident, when you get into an accident with a truck, you are hit with far greater force and that means that your car could easily go off the road, flip, or hit another car.

While you may be fortunate to have survived a truck accident, the recovery process is not necessarily easy and you may be paying tens or hundreds of thousands for recovery. Want to see how a Las Vegas truck accident attorney in NV can help you after you were injured in an accident? Call our office now.

Common Types of Injuries After a Truck Accident

There are some injuries that are common to truck accidents:

About Truck Driver Fatigue

We understand that commercial trucks play an important role in our economy and getting goods between cities so people have the supplies they need. In fact, truck drivers deliver around 70% of our nation’s goods each year. However, these hefty cargo trucks pose serious hazards to other drivers on the road. In the last ten years, the number of collisions involving commercial trucks has gone up by 20%. In an effort to reduce these risks, regulators are constantly trying to understand what causes these fatal crashes and what they can do to enforce safety.

One of the most common reasons that truck accidents happen is due to driver fatigue. All it takes is for someone to nod off for a couple seconds for a tragic collision to ensue. Despite regulations that enforce proper breaks and rest periods, the drivers may ignore them due to pressures to get to their destination on-time. To take this point further, consider the fact that a person who has not slept for 18 hours has an impairment alike to being intoxicated with a BAC of 0.08%. Other reasons that driver fatigue is so dangerous include:

Signs That a Trucker was Fatigued

If you suspect that it is possible the trucker was fatigued while behind the wheel, please inform your attorney at Eric Roy Law Firm right away. We may use this information to investigate further and as proof for your case. Here are just a few signs that the driver who hit you may have been fatigued or actually fallen asleep behind the wheel:

Who to Talk To

After the event of any truck accident, while police and other investigators will take their own pictures, do take your own photos of the accident if you are physically able, then immediately seek medical attention and gather the medical records of your attempts at recovery. Then seek out an attorney from the Eric Roy Law Firm, who specializes in all types of auto accidents including car, motorcycle, and truck accidents.

We can imagine the stress you may be going through right now. We encourage you or your loved one to reach out to us if there was a recent personal injury accident that led to serious harm and financial loss. We are proud to have established ourselves as a reputable and dependable law firm in the Las Vegas area. Please do not hesitate from calling us, even if it is just to find out your options.

We’re experienced in handling each case type individually, recognizing and addressing the unique points of a case involving each vehicle type, especially trucks. Call Eric Roy Law Firm today at 702-423-3333 and get started with your free consultation with a Las Vegas, Nevada truck accident attorney you can count on!


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