Worrying Collision Trend Signals Refusal of Driving Basics

During the height of the pandemic, the world and America suffered economically due to worldwide quarantine measures. The silver lining to what had happened is that those who still needed to travel found that their commutes were easy and breezy as quarantine measures took most vehicles off the road. The remaining motorists could easily make their way to work with relatively no issue and people were able to enjoy this for a time. Now that the world has opened back up, you would think that we’d all be doing better economically. However, it seems that the State of Texas is continuing to suffer an economic loss in the state due to car collisions and fatalities. This is also known as collateral damage.

In 2020, the economic loss for crashes in the state was 43 billion and that number in 2021, was even higher. Looking at the data, 1,174 people were killed due to speeding, 315 people were killed due to distracted driving, 555 pedestrians were killed in traffic accidents, and 889 people were killed, due to not being buckled up. On average 11 people a day were killed in traffic accidents in 2021, which was the highest fatality count since 1984.

This has signaled a worrying overall trend, and it is causing immense backup in the courts, which were already backed up due to quarantine measures. This is why when it comes to such serious incidents, it is essential that professional legal help is contacted.  For example, a vehicle lawyer Like Eric Roy Law Firm is an example of efficient attorney work, because there is a strong focus on different types of legal work. This includes, but is not limited to analyzing vehicle incidences, personal injuries, liability work, and more. This is an example of the kind of cases that legal businesses handle effectively.  

[“Oftentimes, the cases we see and try are situations that could have been avoided if drivers exercised more caution before getting on the road,” said Dustin Fox, lead attorney for Justinian & Associates. “That’s the general message we want to convey — be careful on the road because, while an Austin personal injury lawyer is there to help you navigate the challenges of the legal system, the best approach is to avoid having to deal with the hassles and potentially catastrophic consequences of a car accident in the first place.”]

Indeed, the cause of these accidents are what most of the public considers to be no-brainers. However, it seems that arguably, the individuals causing these accidents are exactly that. Here’s a refresher of basics regarding what you can do, to greatly reduce the chance of causing a collision or being injured in one:

1. Wear your seatbelt
2. Don’t drink and drive
3. Don’t drive distracted (driving while looking at the phone, doing makeup, eating, and otherwise not paying attention to the road)
4. Stay within the speed limit
5. Always yield to pedestrians and road work