Amusement Parks May Be Liable For Injuries

Amusement Parks May Be Liable For Injuries

As the weather warms, so does America’s enthusiasm for amusement parks. On the heels of a pandemic that kept people in their homes and out of parks, people are finally able to satisfy their hunger for thematic amusement and entertainment. This has led to denser crowds and longer lines than what existed pre-Covid, but neither of these challenges seems to be a deterrent to those individuals looking to enjoy what they were deprived of for so long. What hasn’t changed in all that time though, is the fact that people still get injured at amusement parks like Disneyland, Six Flags, and Universal Studios. 

If you or someone you care about has been injured at an amusement park, you may find it helpful to discuss your specific situation with a lawyer who has experience with amusement park injuries. As any trusted personal injury attorney in Las Vegas, NV, including those at the Eric Roy Law Firm, can attest, not every lawyer practices premises liability law and not every premises liability attorney has experience with these kinds of cases. For this reason, you’ll want to carefully research which lawyers in your area may be able to help you with the following scenarios or any other legal challenges related to attending an amusement park. 

Park Goer Injured by Staff and Vice Versa 

It’s not hard to imagine park goers getting rowdy, especially kids. Children who’ve been waiting for a long time in line, pent up with excitement, often have nothing else to do with their energy except to run and jump around the general space they’re in. Adults end up embracing their inner child too, and that can come in conflict with staff who might intentionally or carelessly, physically injure excited park goers. There are more innocent ways a staff member can injure a park goer as well, from accidentally cutting a diner while setting a table or accidentally bumping a park goer into a hazardous space. 

Ride Malfunction Injuries

People don’t often hear of rides malfunctioning, but it’s not uncommon for a ride to break down. The park itself may be liable if they haven’t taken care to properly maintain the rides and these rides lead to user injury.

Food Poisoning 

Probably one of the last ways you’d expect to injure yourself is by eating lunch or a tasty treat at an amusement park. While food poisoning is not an injury in the traditional sense, in terms of personal injury claims, it is considered an injury. Many different factors can go into someone getting food poisoning but sometimes employees can be lackadaisical in either their personal hygiene, food preparation, or allergen recognition. This can result in a park goer consuming food that can make them moderately to severely sick. If food poisoning is caused by an amusement park or its employees’ negligence, they may be liable for victim compensation.