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Boosting A Car Accident Case In Your Favor

Auto Accident Attorney in Las Vegas, NV You’ll know a typical car accident by what comes next; outpouring emotion from both parties in which both sides claim it wasn’t their fault and they meant no harm, but yet and still, the accident has occurred. From this point, police and various third-party inquirers will come and

Signs Of Nursing Home Negligence

Nursing Home Attorney in Las Vegas, NV Assisted living facilities in Las Vegas are essential to providing the city’s aging population with a respectable quality of life. Maintaining that standard of living should be the care giving facility’s everyday mission for the residents it serves. Nursing homes in general are for those who don’t need

Cars and Work Zone Rules in Las Vegas

Car Accident Attorney in Las Vegas, NV If you live in Las Vegas, you’ve probably heard all the jokes concerning the constant construction. There’s so much construction on the roads that most locals have become aware of the network of backroads and side streets used to bypass the busiest and slowest traffic. But say you’re

DUI of Marijuana In Nevada

Car Accident Attorney in Las Vegas, NV As voted by the citizens of Nevada in the 2016 ballot, marijuana is now legal in Nevada, but what most people don’t know is that there are only certain places where you can possess or consume it. Consuming it in public still carries a $600 fine, but the

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