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Cars and Work Zone Rules in Las Vegas

Car Accident Attorney in Las Vegas, NV If you live in Las Vegas, you’ve probably heard all the jokes concerning the constant construction. There’s so much construction on the roads that most locals have become aware of the network of backroads and side streets used to bypass the busiest and slowest traffic. But say you’re

DUI of Marijuana In Nevada

Car Accident Attorney in Las Vegas, NV As voted by the citizens of Nevada in the 2016 ballot, marijuana is now legal in Nevada, but what most people don’t know is that there are only certain places where you can possess or consume it. Consuming it in public still carries a $600 fine, but the

Child Death Lawsuit Against Child Protective Services

Wrongful Death Attorney in Las Vegas, NV It’s pretty self-explanatory when it comes to what we expect from Child Protective Services (CPS). Though while we expect the agency to provide a safety net for children in less-than-ideal conditions to land on, sometimes there are children who fall through the holes. As reported by Channel 8

Hilton Sued for Fraud

Casino Negligence Attorney in Las Vegas, NV When your grandma says you can only take one cookie, you should probably do what she says. And while you could take a second one and it’ll feel good to eat it in that moment, you probably won’t like the consequences to come. Hilton was sued by Nebraska

Cruise Ship Negligence: Common Scenarios

Cruise Ship Accident Attorney in Las Vegas, NV With the coronavirus outbreak, the travel industry is taking a big hit in its finances especially in the industry of cruise line vacations. After the passengers of the Diamond Princess cruise ship were quarantined in the ship at the coast of Japan, the world watched as the

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