Comparative Fault in Cyclist Collision Cases

Comparative Fault in Cyclist Collision Cases

There are many ways to get around these days and one of the increasingly popular methods is electric scooters. To many, an e-scooter is the perfect way to zip around a city. These scooters are not too large and cumbersome to lug around and they are quickly becoming a favorite in America’s metropolitan areas. And yet, biking remains an incredibly popular form of alternative transportation. As fun as scooters can be, for many, nothing compares to hopping on the back of a bike.

When it comes to collisions involving a car and a bike, typically the cyclist is more injured than the people in the car. Collisions against a cyclist are usually more catastrophic given that the cyclist doesn’t have the defense of a vehicle surrounding them to absorb impact. A legal case involving the two is typically more complicated and nuanced than one between two automobiles. This mostly has to do with the dynamics between the two modes of transportation. Deciding who’s really at fault isn’t always easy.

While a bicyclist is definitely more likely to be hurt in the aftermath of a car/bike collision, they aren’t always immune from fault. Also, bikes are able to make the hairpin turns that cars can’t while occupying less space in general, which makes them less predictable and visible in general. If a bicyclist is found to have violated the rules of traffic, they might not be able to get compensation for their own damages. They may be liable to face a lawsuit if they somehow caused others harm. With that said, if they were partially at fault or not at fault, they may be entitled to significant compensation from those who caused them harm.

Many cyclist collision cases end up going to trial in order to get the full compensation needed in order to address the victim’s sky-high medical expenses and lost wages. This tends to happen because when one has insurance, there’s a limit to one’s policy and a settlement out of trial cannot exceed that limit. If one’s damages are greater than the policy one wishes to make a claim for, they may have to go to trial to ask for more monetary compensation. 

If you’ve been injured in a bike accident, it’s time to speak with an attorney about your options. A good car accident lawyer in Las Vegas, NV at a law firm like the Eric Roy Law Firm can work to construct a strong case that you are entitled to the amount of compensation you are asking for.