Does Auto Insurance Cover a Bicycle Collision?

Personal Injury Attorney

There is nothing quite as lovely as riding your bike down the street on a sunny day, whether you’re heading into the office for the afternoon or planning a picnic with your best friend on the weekend. Unfortunately, sometimes lovely days are cut short by an accident. If you were in an accident while riding your bicycle, you are probably wondering if your auto insurance will cover the costs. The answer is a solid maybe.

Using Auto Insurance To Cover a Bicycle Accident

Although every policy is different, there is a good chance that your auto insurance policy will cover your bike accident if two pieces of criteria are met. First, the accident must have involved a motor vehicle. A driver crossing into the bike lane and causing an accident would be covered, but you not noticing a low-hanging branch and causing your own accident wouldn’t be. Additionally, your auto insurance policy must include personal injury protection coverage. If you don’t already have this and ride on the streets often, add it to your policy as soon as possible. 

Proving Negligence of the Vehicle’s Driver

Whether or not your auto insurance covers your bicycle accident, you may be eligible for compensation if he or she is at fault. In these situations, you will talk with the driver’s insurance company. If you can come to an agreement, you will settle the case. If no agreement is reached, you may need to sue in a court of law. Lawsuits are expensive, so many insurance companies will have no problem settling out of court. However, if you do end up in court, it is important to hire an accident attorney. 

Auto Insurance and Stolen Bikes

Another question that people often ask is whether auto insurance will cover a stolen bike. In nearly every case, it won’t. This is because your bike rack was likely not a factory-installed, standard part of your vehicle. Auto insurance only covers standard factory parts of a car. Even if you have additional coverage for after-market additions, it would only cover the damaged rack and not the bicycle. However, homeowner’s or renter’s insurance does usually cover all possessions, including those not in your house at the time of the theft.  

Were you in an accident involving a vehicle while you were riding your bike? Even if your insurance covers it, the policy may not cover all the costs. If the other driver was at fault but their insurance refuses to settle, you can take your case to court in hopes of compensation. Hire an experienced car accident lawyer to help you determine if you have a case. Contact a personal injury attorney, like Ward & Ward Law Firm, to discuss your next steps.