Factors Exacerbating Astroworld Personal Injury Case

One of the hottest personal injury cases right now is the one involving performing artists Travis Scott and Drake, the event planner Live Nation, and the families of those who died or were injured at the no infamous Astroworld concert event. At the concert, conditions became such that the density of the crowd increased tremendously. This culminated in concertgoers becoming unruly and rowdy to the point that people were literally getting crushed by each other. 

This pandemonium resulted in people finding it difficult to breathe as the air became less and less saturated with oxygen. Those who tried to exit and escape from these dangerous and volatile conditions couldn’t–the crowds were so tightly packed that one couldn’t move anywhere except by following the will of the crowd. The result? The deaths of 10 people with nearly 300 more injured by getting trampled, crushed, or suffocated in the crowd’s density. 

Such a situation has left Travis Scott, Drake, and event planner Live Nation among others facing a massive lawsuit nearly toppling 2 billion in damages. It’s currently unclear how those named in the suit, particularly Travis Scott, will legally handle this, but here are a few factors that will likely be considered causing the suit to not work out well in Scott’s favor.

An Already Troubled History: 

Throughout his concert performance history, Scott has gained a reputation for encouraging the concertgoers to “rage”. This blatant encouragement often results in surges of violence at his events. Scott was previously arrested after encouraging fans to bypass security and rush the stage leaving security personnel injured. He also was sentenced to a year of court supervision after pleading guilty to reckless conduct charges in 2015. It’s been well-documented that he often tells his fans to, “Don’t listen to security. Forget security. This is for y’all. This is for the fans.” His aim he says is to create a high energy atmosphere, but he regularly breaches his duty of care to his concertgoers during the process.

Negligence At the Event Itself: 

One fact that continues to make headlines is that Drake was performing with Scott as the crowd began to spin out of control. Once deaths were starting to be confirmed, officials declared the concert a “mass casualty incident.” However, the duo continued to perform even after the declaration. In fact they continued to perform the concert nearly 40 minutes after. If it were perhaps three to five minutes, one could safely attribute it to a mere miscommunication. Sinceit was nearly an hour afterwards, however, it will be incredibly difficult to disprove the possibility of gross negligence on Travis Scott’s behalf or other parties involved. 

The Aftermath of the Incident:

Travis Scott and other parties involved are sure to face serious litigation issues that at the very least will result in them needing to make serious runemarations to the families affected. Unfortunately, this is just one example of many personal injury cases. While this issue is sure to get plenty of media attention, there are hundreds of personal injuries happening everyday that could use the help of a lawyer. Call Eric Roy Law Firm today!