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Nevada State laws require that all people involved at a car accident stay at the scene until all information is exchanged and everyone receives the help they require. Despite the illegality of fleeing the scene before being identified, people commit hit-and-runs frequently. If you are frustrated after being struck by a negligent driver who left either immediately or before you could actually get their driver’s license or insurance information, know that you are not out of luck and do have your legal options.

At Eric Roy Law Firm, our Las Vegas car accident lawyer can still help you find fair compensation and recoveries after a hit-and-run. Call 702.423.3333 today and request your free consultation for more information.

Uninsured and Unidentified Motorists

When someone flees a car accident scene, whether they were the cause of it or not, they are technically considered to be an uninsured motorist. If you have uninsured motorist insurance as part of your insurance policy, you should be able to receive benefits from your insurance carrier despite not being able to tell them who hit you. This is where more trouble can arise, though, if your insurance provider is reluctant to offer up proper damage recovery amounts.

Either due to skepticism or frugality, they may only give you the bare minimum amount, which could not even be close to enough. When this occurs, you may be able to bring a lawsuit or claim against your own car insurance provider for more coverage.

Recoveries you may be able to receive after a hit-and-run can include:

  • Vehicle repair
  • Initial medical bills
  • Rehabilitation and therapy treatments
  • Lost wages

Call the Police After a Hit-and-Run

You may be surprised how often people forget to notify the authorities after they have been struck by a hit-and-run driver. Provide them with any and all information you can and they may be able to pinpoint who it was that committed this illegal act, either based on other reports or the person’s criminal history.

Information you may be able to give the police despite not having authentic identification includes:

  • Make and model of car
  • Color of both vehicles (traded paint)
  • Direction it was heading before and after crash
  • Where it struck you and where damage would be

If the police can manage to track down the offender, they will bring criminal charges against them. The criminal case is not a civil case that reflects or benefits your situation. If you want justice and compensation from the offender, you need to file your own lawsuit.

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Being at the receiving end of a devastating hit-and-run accident can be understandably demoralizing. The last thing you need is more trouble, stress, and burdens on your shoulders. In order to help you through the difficulties ahead, you can retain the services of our Las Vegas car accident lawyer for nothing upfront due to our contingency fee agreements; if we do not get you a settlement for you at the end of your case or trial, you do not owe us a cent.

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