Lawsuits Against Cosmetic Surgeons

Lawsuits Against Cosmetic Surgeons

Plastic and other cosmetic surgeries are typically expensive, and in most cases, not covered by insurance. As it is with anything you pay a lot of money for, when you shell out your money for something, you expect a quality product. Unfortunately, not everyone gets the quality procedure and product that they pay for, and these botched operations often result in some kind of cosmetic deformity. Given that they paid so much money to get the procedure, most cosmetic surgery accident victims understandably want justice and compensation for a procedure that led to harm. 

Establishing Liability

Establishing liability is more involved than showing a judge the results of a doctor’s mistakes. First, it must be determined that it was, indeed, the physician who performed the procedure who was to blame for the harm in question. Most of the time, plastic surgeons are to blame for substandard patient care and harmful results. But, as an experienced personal injury attorney in Las Vegas, NV, including those who practice at the Eric Roy Law Firm, can confirm, that sometimes the fault lies with the manufacturer of the device or product that was used in pursuit of a patient’s desired results. Speaking with an attorney can help to determine who is to blame, in the event that you have suffered harm as the result of botched plastic surgery. 

Manufacturer Liability

Given that doctors have years of training and practice, they should know how to perform procedures safely and to the letter. If a doctor uses subpar instruments or surgical tools that they do not know are defective, this is one way that surgery can be botched. A manufacturer may be found liable when they promise products that are optimal for surgical use but sell materials that are of lesser quality than they should be. This is especially if they do so without any warning or with fraudulent intent. 

Doctor Liability 

Even when the products and tools a doctor uses during plastic surgery are perfectly adequate, the doctor can still make mistakes. At an attorney’s request, a medical expert can review the work and the products used, and they’ll be able to discern and vouch on whether they deem that the procedure was botched, and thus caused a victim’s injuries.

In either event, plastic surgery injury victims may be entitled to significant compensation as a result of the harm they have suffered. If you are in a position to hold a plastic surgeon liable for the harm, speak with an experienced attorney as soon as you can. 

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