Liabilities for Hotel Property Management

As this year comes to a close, more and more people begin to close in on Las Vegas, seeking a memorable time while wanting to finish the year satisfied and starting the new one off right. And with the city’s numerous well-known glamorous hotels, tourists will have many different options when it comes to choosing where to make their stay. While they enjoy themselves, people often forget that anything can happen in the city, including injuries at hotels. Although the hotels themselves will go through painstaking efforts to prevent injury and promote a safe stay for all guests, sometimes their efforts fall short leading to injury. Here are some ways that a hotel can find themselves in the midst of a personal injury lawsuit:

Lack of proper security.

It’s the duty of a hotel to maintain proper security in order to safeguard against theft or assault. This is through the hiring of trained personnel and the installation of security cameras for surveillance of the property. Lack of implementing this, says to the courts that property management has no desire to express a duty of care to its customers and is negligent in not doing so.

Maintain property through regular maintenance. 

Buildings that are as old as most people’s grandparents don’t maintain themselves –  it’s through proper and regular maintenance and remodeling that keeps it fresh, pristine, traversable, and a marvel to look at. Lack of maintenance will lead to property hazards such as uneven or wet floors, electrical hazards, and more. Should a hotel find themselves in a personal injury case, a discovery process will reveal whether or not property management has been maintaining regular upkeep to determine negligence on their part.

Control insect and pest infestations.

There is no city in the world that is without pests, but through control methods, we can at least corral them out of the space that humans inhabit. Some pests, like bed bugs, are more difficult to control and when a customer brings them home, it can take thousands to get rid of them. All the while they will continue to endure bites while having to throw away possessions in order to get rid of them for good. This is a process that leaves one wanting to have their damages recovered. That said, it’s better for the hotel to invest in pest control now so they don’t have to pay for someone else’s losses later.  

Contact a personal injury attorney in Las Vegas, NV, like one from Eric Roy Law Firm, to discuss something that happened at a hotel if you were injured. You deserve to feel safe while on vacation and to get compensation if the hotel’s duty of care was not met. 

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