North Las Vegas, NV - Semi-Truck Accident, Injuries on I-15 at Craig Rd

North Las Vegas, NV – Semi-Truck Accident, Injuries on I-15 at Craig Rd

North Las Vegas, NV (July 16, 2022) – One person was taken to the hospital after a two-car crash in North Las Vegas late on Saturday, July 16.

Around 7:45 p.m., near Craig Road, on Interstate 15 southbound, a semi-truck accident occurred, resulting in a call to the City of North Las Vegas Fire Department. There is currently no more information available, however, the incident’s cause is still being investigated. With just minor injuries, one individual was brought to the emergency hospital. According to the authorities, the investigation should be done in the next weeks, but no other details have been disclosed at this time.

Our hearts and condolences are with those who suffered injuries in the truck collision earlier today.

Statistics Related to Truck Accidents in North Las Vegas

North Las Vegas, NV - Semi-Truck Accident, Injuries on I-15 at Craig RdYou most likely notice enormous commercial trucks on your travels if you often visit Las Vegas and the neighboring regions. There is a chance that you may perish in an accident with one of these typical, huge autos. There is a substantial likelihood of deaths, major injuries, and significant property damage when two or more heavy cars crash. Unexpected medical expenses and missed wages may have a substantial impact on the income of these sufferers. Your automobile colliding with a commercial truck or tractor-trailer may have had devastating results.

Additionally, companies involved in commerce and transportation could be reluctant to compensate victims of their hired drivers for carelessness or other illegal behavior. This significantly increases the system’s complexity and makes it much harder to win in certain circumstances. Always approach or follow these cars cautiously to prevent a possibly disastrous accident. Over 12% of Nevada’s annual deaths are caused by tractor-trailer accidents, according to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA). Clearly, these incidents happen far too often and throughout the Silver State’s roadways, hazardous situations may emerge when truck drivers don’t have enough room to turn or stop their vehicles.

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