Paradise, NV - Injuries Reported in Car Accident on Flamingo Rd at Decatur Blvd

Paradise, NV – Injuries Reported in Car Accident on Flamingo Rd at Decatur Blvd

Paradise, NV (June 26, 2022) – On Sunday, June 26, in the early evening, at least three vehicles were involved in a collision on Flamingo Road that resulted in several injuries.

The incident reportedly occurred at 6:00 p.m. on the eastbound side of Flamingo Road/Highway 592 near Decatur Boulevard. Although officials are still investigating the crash, no new information has emerged. Officers of the Paradise Police Department are seeking that anybody who saw the collision or has more information contact them immediately.

We truly hope that everyone injured in Sunday’s vehicle accident recovers soon and fully.

Traffic Crashes in Paradise Causing Serious Injuries

Paradise, NV - Injuries Reported in Car Accident on Flamingo Rd at Decatur BlvdAccording to data published by the state’s Department of Transportation, there were around 49,900 car accidents in Nevada in 2013. And per traffic analysts and officers from the Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department, the majority of these vehicle accidents took place inside the Las Vegas metropolitan area. In point of fact, the most common cause of death in Nevada’s largest cities and the regions around them is motor vehicle accidents.

In Clark County, which includes the cities of Clark and Las Vegas, around half of all of these occurrences took place and were recorded by local authories. Even worse, when a vehicle accident results in serious or severe injuries or death, accident victims and their families are placed in a difficult situation. Victims of car accidents suffer not only from the physical and emotional trauma of the incident but also from the financial hardships and long-term health problems that follow.

However, if you or a member of your family is hurt as a result of such an occurrence, assistance is available. The sooner you or a member of your family get in touch with a Las Vegas car accident lawyer, the better. Some of the most challenging difficulties a person may face in the aftermath of a car accident may leave them feeling alone and sad at the very least. A lawyer should be scheduled as soon as possible so that they can represent you and be your point of contact with the insurance companies and other parties involved in a car accident.

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