Scaffolding Accidents in Personal Injury Law

Construction remains a deeply important service in today’s society. In marking the progress and modernity of society while safeguarding the integrity of our infrastructure, we look to our city’s construction services to make this happen. Construction services, as important as they are, still remain one of the most dangerous careers to work in and it’s to be expected as there are an endless list of hazards that one needs to handle in order to complete their job. Amongst the many hazards that one can be exposed to, one stands apart from the rest given it’s unique condition: working on scaffolding. Scaffolding needs to be meticulously constructed in order to be able to support the personnel who work on it. Failure to do so can result in injuries that can be catastrophic. So, what needs to be known about scaffolding injury cases?

There Needs to Be a Duty of Care

After acquiring a personal injury lawyer to help you conduct your case, you’ll be confronted with the task of proving that the opposing party had a duty to provide safety for you, that they breached this duty, and that this breach caused harm to you in order to prove basic negligence on their part. A breach of duty in particular can be a failure on the account of the opposing party to adhere to OSHA regulations and standards. Here are a few of those standards in relation to scaffolding: 

  • A scaffold should support at least four times the anticipated necessary weight. 
  • A scaffold should never be supported by loose objects, such as barrels or loose brick. 
  • All planking should be overlapped by at least 12 inches. 
  • Planks should extend over their end supports between 6 and 18 inches.
  • Overhead protection should be provided when work is being conducted overhead.

Rulings Will Vary

Any of these and more violations will be considered in the case. However, laws vary from state to state and not every party involved in the creation or maintenance of scaffolding has a duty of care to maintain with workers. Regardless, any party that has decision-making power at a construction site will likely have a duty to protect workers’ safety because if they direct and oversee employees, they will also likely have the duty of making sure safety standards are met and adhered to. Your lawyer will have the knowledge regarding state laws and rules and will be able to identify the party ultimately responsible for your injury. 

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