Tips For Motorcycle Safety To Avoid A Motorcycle Accident

Compared to your average four-wheeled vehicle, motorcycles have greater maneuverability, and are capable of making sharper turns at a faster speed than a car can. Motorcyclists have to share the road with the ostensibly slower 4 wheeled car and even slower 18-wheeled truck while looking out for pedestrians just like any other motorist and be wary of each vehicle type’s advantages and limitations.

In Jefferson Park an individual was riding a moped in Bridgeport when a driver in a four-wheeled car hit him. Surveillance footage showed that the moped rider was driving with a green light when a car going the opposite direction turned left and slammed into him. Resulting in two broken bones in his leg, a dislocated shoulder, and a fractured wrist. The woman who slammed into him was not injured nor did she receive any citations. After the crash, he learned more about the state’s bodily harm laws saying that requiring drivers to buy uninsured motorist limits of at least $25,000 per person and $50,000 per accident, though the minimum often isn’t enough to cover serious injury expenses. The moped driver was also taken to a hospital outside of his insurance network meaning that he has to pay more of the expenses out of pocket.

He felt the whole experience was a wake up call and wants to encourage drivers to:

1. Watch out for cyclists of all forms. Bicycles, motorcycles, or anything in between.

  1. If you ride, wear a helmet.
  2. Check your insurance policy on your car so you don’t ruin someone’s life more than the physical damage [i.e. financially]

    The moped rider is definitely right on all accounts but here are some other tips to consider from a personal injury lawyer:

    4. Always check your blind spots. When riding a motorcycle or moped, it is pertinent that you be aware of your surroundings since you are more exposed compared to a person inside a 4-wheeled car so you have to drive that much more defensively.

    5. Mind your speed. A common trend for motorcyclists is to ignore the speed limit when the road sections ahead look clear and unobstructed with vehicles. This is a bad idea as a car or pedestrian could come out at any moment thus causing a collision.

    6. Remember that motorcycles react more quickly than cars. Motorcycles can turn quicker as well as start and stop faster. This is compared to say an 18-wheeler who needs several car lengths in order to stop. Be wary of each vehicle-type’s limitations and adjust your driving accordingly.

If you have been in a motorcycle accident, contact a personal injury lawyer at the Eric Roy Law Firm today.