What You Should Know About Dooring Accidents

What You Should Know About Dooring Accidents

Bicycling through the city can be a convenient way to get around. However, it can also be dangerous even when you are adequately following the rules of the road and are outfitted with proper gear. Cyclists are more prone to serious injuries in the case of an accident. A dooring accident, for instance, can result in traumatic brain injuries and broken bones. If you’ve been injured in a dooring accident, the motorist could owe you compensation and a personal injury lawyer such as our friends from Stuart Law can help you. Here is everything you need to know about dooring accidents and how to file a claim. 

Understanding Dooring Accidents

A dooring accident occurs when a passenger or driver opens a vehicle door in front of an oncoming cyclist. In these cases, the car door may strike a cyclist or the cyclist won’t have enough time to slow down and will in return collide with the door. Also, if a bicyclist has to swerve out of the door’s way and is in an accident due to oncoming traffic, this could also be considered a dooring accident, falling under personal injury as a result of another person’s negligence.

Understanding Dooring Liability

In many states, cyclists should ride in the bike lane or to the right of traffic. A cyclist’s position on the road is close to the cars parked on the side of the road. In some instances, someone may argue that cyclists should watch out for car doors. The car owner may claim that he or she has no fault because the cyclists should have avoided the door. It is rare for a cyclist to be held liable during the accident especially when they’re following proper procedures. 

Generally, the only time that cyclists are held accountable for these types of accidents is if they had plenty of time to see the door and come to a complete halt before colliding with it. Drivers have a responsibility to those that they share the road with. Before drivers and passengers open their door, they should check outside the door to ensure that they are not about to open the door to oncoming traffic. To file a claim against a driver or passenger, the plaintiff has to prove that he or she did not take appropriate precautions before opening the door. To be able to file a claim against a driver or passenger, you have to be able to prove that there were damages. Damages can include medical bills, lost wages and other costs associated with the accident. Gathering as much proof as possible such as pictures of damages sustained and even possible eye-witness testimonies can be a great help as you contact a personal injury lawyer in Kansas City, KS. 

Contact a Personal Injury Lawyer Today

Dooring accidents can result in severe injuries. Suppose you were recently in an accident with a motorist while on your bike; in such a scenario, you could be entitled to compensation. Discuss your accident and your options with a personal injury lawyer in Kansas City, KS to discover your options. Our friends at Stuart Law have plenty of personal injury lawyers with many of them specializing in car accidents. Contact them today!