When Your Child Is Injured at School

School is fundamental to children’s growth. They learn the basics of the world around them before getting thrown into it. School is not only meant to be physically stimulating, but mentally challenging as well; giving various classes and extracurricular opportunities for us to get basic physical education and competitive opportunities. But when we leave our flesh and blood in the hands of others, we expect them to be safe. Sadly, given the unlimited environment that school fosters, the chance will always exist for children to get injured while in the care of our government’s school system. Here are the important things to know if you’re considering filing a claim against your child’s school.

Hire a Personal Injury Lawyer

If you’re filing against a public school, you’ll definitely want to file with a personal injury attorney in Las Vegas, NV, like one from Eric Roy Law Firm, as there is a strict list of rules and standards that need to be met in order to waive the school’s conditional liability immunity. Failure to meet these standards mean that you lose the ability to lay claim to compensation for injuries and other damages.

Do You Have a Case?

Often, a case depends on whether you were at a school-sponsored event or during class hours, versus just being on school property after hours. For example, if you take your son to the school’s football field to practice outside of practice meets and he gets injured, the school is not liable. But if someone gets injured at a football game while descending the bleachers which suddenly collapse, you might have a case because this was at a school-sponsored event on school property. You cannot sue if the child is injured in football practice or a game because students assume all the basic risks of engaging in sports activities.

Was Negligence a Factor?

Basic negligence is examined in a case. If a child is injured by a hazard that appears that it could cause harm because of poor maintenance, then if the hazard has been reported on, seen, and recognized without any attempt to fix or remove it before the injury, the school is liable for the resulting injury. Above all, staff owe a duty of care to the students and are expected to try their best to keep them safe.